Whether you’ve had your computer for one day or five years, nothing is more frustrating than a slow-moving processor or connectivity issue. At Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists, it’s our job to resolve problems like this when they come up, both for our regular clients and first-time customers. But even though we specialize in making sure computer problems do not stick around for long in the Denver community, we’ve listed some rainy-day tips for speeding up your personal laptop or workplace desktop computer.

Upgrade Your Hard Drive

If you’re looking to go beyond software updates and the usual ‘spring cleaning’ for your laptop, consider installing what’s called a solid-state hard drive. Not only will it make surfing the web significantly quicker, it will enhance every aspect of the computer experience, including pulling up apps to open and the daily routine of shutting down and powering up your machine. Plus, they’re getting less expensive with time and more affordable to the mass market. If you’d like assistance shopping for and/or installing a solid-state hard drive, contact a team member at Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists right away.

RAM it Up

The more RAM space you have on your computer, the better off you’ll be in the long-term when it comes to your machine’s capability. The standard amount of RAM space most should shoot for is about 8 GB. That amount of space on your machine tends to be the sweet spot between chock-full 4GB computers that can’t seem to save a document more than two pages long and a 16GB laptop that cost way more than what it’s worth at this point in time.

Clear out your Apps

Just like with your phone, it’s important to shut down any apps that are using space and precious time shutting down or powering back up throughout the day. Whether you’re on a trip roaming for connectivity or simply recharging your device after a long day of use, background apps will always and most notably be the cause for slow-downs. You can also work to delete or uninstall any apps on your device that you rarely if ever use. This can clear up plenty of space for personal data.

Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists has a long list of tricks up our sleeves to optimize your computing experience and make your life online just a bit easier. Call or email our office today to inquire about services, availability, price, and more