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“Mike is a God send… he really knows his stuff” – Tom S.

“Worked with them since 1986, so dependable” – Diane C.

“They never make us feel silly and answer our questions” – Cherri T.

We are Resilient Managed Computer Services. You might also know us as Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists, Inc. more about that later.

We focus on your uptime. Instead of a lot of business IT support companies only profit from your downtime. We find that profiting from your downtime is a conflict of interest. Just imagine if your had a business IT support company that focussed on your company’s uptime and your employee’s efficiency. Suddenly, you would have a partner in your business instead of an expensive group of nerds that are playing whack a mole with your company IT issues.

Resilient Managed Computer Services offers the small business a peace of mind solution for your digital data environment. We have business IT support solutions developed that have proven to allow the small business person to use their resources and time efficiently. Our business IT support solutions allow managers and owners to develop their company success without worrying about maintaining their company computers, servers, switches, routers, wireless, ISP, software, security, printers, copiers and infrastructure.

We can accomplish your business IT support with monitoring your environment proactively. Monitoring allows us to proactively be able to catch future crisis and minor problems. This little issues if left unsolved could become major or critical problems. Our business IT support solution includes us performing a security analysis of your company’s network including the server, workstations, laptops. mobile devices, onsite and offsite equipment. From there, we can advise you what areas need special attention, and suggest solutions to enable you to better secure your digital data infrastructure.

Of course, Resilient Managed Computers Services focuses on proactively eliminating these future problems. We utilize the best in class detection and monitoring software. We want to know of any issues and fix them before you or your employees have to slow down their work.

At Resilient managed Computer Services we know that your company cannot function without your computers and networks. We also know that your computers and networks are there to serve you, the owner and managers.

A lot of business IT support companies seems to lose focus on the fact that the goal of computers and network are to service the company. It seems that a lot of IT companies think that companies are around to serve the business IT support company.

At Resilient Managed Computer Services we are not “nerds”. We are not “Geeks”. We are business IT support professionals. We did not learn our trade in our grandmother’s basement. We have the education, training, certifications, and experience from being in business since 1983. Think about that, at Resilient Manage Computer Services our business IT support experience started when most of the other business IT support companies were still in diapers.

Let our nearly 40 years of business IT support experience benefit your company. When you want a professional that has done it before then call Resilient Manage Computer Services.

When was the last time you thought about your digital data backup? Have you actually checked that your data can be recovered from your backup by performing at least a small recovery to test your backup scheme? If nothing else, testing allows you to experience the recovery process without the stress of a disaster recovery at the same time.

Do you have redundancy in your backup destination? Do you have a cloud backup solution along with an onsite solution? How long can your company be without your data? Maybe you need to think about a business continuity system. There are cloud solutions at reasonable costs that could give that peace of mind.

Has your IT person explained the importance of training your employees about the safe and proper use of email and the internet? Cyber criminals are preying more and more on small businesses instead of larger corporations with larger IT budgets and better security, “March 27, 2019 – About 70 percent of ransomware attacks in 2018 targeted small businesses, with an average ransom demand of $116,000, according to a recent report from Beazley Breach Response Services.

Beazley researchers analyzed 3,300 ransomware attacks against their clients last year and found the highest ransom demand was $8.5 million. The highest demand paid by one of their clients was $935,000.

The healthcare sector was the hardest hit by ransomware, according to the report. And small to medium sized organizations were primary targets, as they typically spend less on security than their larger counterparts. As a result, it’s much easier for hackers to compromise their systems “

Even if your company is using Microsoft’s 365 online exchange there is tweaks you must do to enable their spam and content filtering to help protect you, or set up their Multifaceted authentication for email users.”

Your best defense against Ransomware attacks and other service interruptions attacks is still a solid redundant backup of your critical data, and systems. So how long can you be without your computer and network environment in case the worst happens? We can achieve whatever your “Uptime objective” is. If that is a 4 hour uptime objective, we can do that. Call to find out more.

Uptime objective means that in any event, what is the maximum amount of downtime that your company can withstand. Sometimes that time frame is 2 weeks. Sometimes that is 4 hours. This is a business decision that your company has to decide on. It is not our job at Resilient Manage Computer Services to determine your uptime object. It is simply our job to make sure that your uptime objective is accomplished in the event of a flood, theft, tornado, virus, malicious ex-employee, etc, etc, etc.

Our business IT support is available for you and your employees to get the help that they need when they need it. This enables your employees to be working. This enables your employees to be efficient and to be profitable for the company. Do not settle for employees being non-productive because you have poor business IT support. If you want the best business IT support company in the Denver area then you need to call the best. The best business IT support company in Denver is Resilient Managed Computer Service.