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Since (insert year), Resilient has been at the forefront, providing innovative IT solutions that help companies navigate today’s technology landscape with ease. We cover cybersecurity, IT consulting, backup and disaster recovery, cloud solutions, and emergency IT services to help reduce IT disruption, streamline business operations, optimize performance, and minimize IT spending.

Finding the Right IT Support Lakewood Provider

Partnering with a managed IT service provider is one of the best moves any company can make, as it gives you access to highly experienced professionals that understand the intricacies of emerging technologies. Aside from preventive and timely maintenance of IT systems, entrepreneurs can enjoy better business focus, which can help the companies stay ahead of the curve.

Luckily, technological advancements present business owners with two options when seeking talented IT experts to help manage their systems. Firstly, they can outsource these services halfway across the world or choose a local provider.

While international MSPs can get the job done, sourcing locally provides a host of additional perks, including:

  • Personalized IT support

Local MSPs understand your environment and will personalize their service according to your business objectives.

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They handle a smaller portfolio compared to their international counterparts; hence businesses can enjoy a more personalized service delivery.

  • Access to Immediate Assistance

A local MSP provides hands-on assistance for complex IT issues that can be challenging to resolve remotely or over the phone. Customers get immediate assistance whenever in a crisis, as technicians may respond in person when a need arises.

  • Faster Response Time

Local IT service providers respond fast, helping organizations resolve issues before they experience system downtimes. Whether you need system integration, problem diagnosis, or any other form of IT support, they are only a phone call away, unlike when working with an overseas company.

  • Compliance with Regulatory Authority

Local IT firms understand data privacy legislation in your region and help companies comply with the requirements. They can assist enterprises in developing the necessary policy frameworks for data security and privacy, improving a company’s reputation.

So, what factors should be top of mind when searching for an ideal local MSP?


An IT support Lakewood service provider should have industry experts that bring value to your business. These should be skilled technicians that complement your team and bridge talent gaps in your IT department.

  • Experience

It’s common knowledge to consider experience levels when choosing IT support experts in Lakewood, CO. Most importantly, you must get talents with immense experience in the specific services the company needs help tackling.


You want a one-stop shop for all IT needs. As such, pick a company that offers the full range of services you need. Doing so eliminates the need to hire additional support personnel, which can be expensive.

Additionally, the company should have customization options. Understand that every business has its unique requirements, and you want services that are tailored to address your department’s IT  gaps.


You want a service provider that can advise you on the best tech moves to make to gain a competitive edge or improve business operations.  

Furthermore, they should offer continuous maintenance support, train workers adequately, and ensure compliance with industry standards. 


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Implementing strong cybersecurity measures is necessary to protect consumer data. A local MSP should understand and adhere to cybersecurity best practices, guide clients on securing their systems from hackers, and take the necessary measures to limit information access by cybercriminals.


An ideal managed IT services Lakewood provider is keen on providing impeccable services and achieving client satisfaction. To evaluate their service delivery and track record, ask for referrals.  And specifically, make sure these are clients who hired them for similar services. That way, you can easily gauge how great (or not) they are at what they do. 

Our IT Support Services Includes:

  • Complete Managed of IT Environment
  • Emergency IT Services

  • IT Security/Auditing Service
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Help Desk/Phone Support
  • Business Phone Systems
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Steve WilliamsSteve Williams
18:58 03 Jun 19
Mike Sims has worked with my company for over 10 years, a multi-state corporate server environment. He is a delight to work with. Very friendly, super competent and responsive. I strongly recommend him.
Tiffany HerrmannTiffany Herrmann
23:52 20 May 19
In a world of the customer comes last...Mike is an exceptional business professional! He went above and beyond the call of duty. He was a godsend and saved my day! Thank you Mike for all you did and making sure the job was done right!!!
Penny MyersPenny Myers
15:13 17 May 19
Mike Sims has assisted our family and family businesses for over a decade. He has, almost single handedly, kept our computer systems up and running - so critical to all our communication and marketing. He is reliable, returns calls, and helps us find the best systems for a reasonable cost. We appreciate Mike's dedication to our businesses. He is always concerned about how we are doing and wants to see us succeed.
Bob ScottBob Scott
22:03 15 May 19
Mike is great and answers his phone when you need him. Last minute emergencies he is there. We have been using RMCSI for over a year and very happy!Aspen Distribution
Amanda WoodsAmanda Woods
14:40 09 Apr 19
We've been working with Mike and Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists for close to 20 years. We found him in an emergency situation and he has been handling our computer network ever since. He is extremely professional and trustworthy.It seems in the IT world everything is an emergency. Mike is always extremely responsive to our needs. I would strongly recommend Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists.Amanda WoodsRD Pipeline Construction, Inc.Lakewood, CO

Benefits of Working With Resilient for and Managed IT Services in Lakewood, CO

  • On-site and remote access to a wide range of managed IT services
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies and advanced infrastructure to keep your company at par with the current digital needs
  • An MSP service provider that offers flexible, customizable, and scalable solutions that allow businesses to upgrade or downgrade their plan according to the company’s needs
  • Qualified technicians and experts with in-depth experience in the ever-changing managed IT service industry
  • Streamlines workflows and ensures highly efficient IT systems, which significantly improves productivity and the department’s overall performance
  • A cloud-based system provides access to the company database remotely and enhances information sharing.
  • A proactive and full-time approach to IT problem resolution, minimizing the risks of system downtime and possible loss of company revenue.
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A Managed IT Services Company in Denver With a Proven Track Record:

“Mike has responded 100% with correct answers on how to run our IT side. It’s god sent. The most reliable person that I have had as a business associate in the last couple of years.”

Thom Soehngen
Co Workers Comp

“We have had the pleasure of working with Mikes company for over 15yrs… his company has been very reliable and affordable. Mike has been masterful at coaching our staff.”

Steve Williams
Buthead Realty

“We have been working together with Mike since 1986. They have been so dependable and reliable for many years so We would encourage anybody considering working with RMCS because they are very prompt, very effective, and efficient.”

Diane Komer
Law firm of Kurtz and Peckham

“Mike is great to answer phone calls and do any kind of troubleshooting. He never, never makes us feel silly if we have crazy questions. He’s really helped out our program a lot and we appreciate everything that Mike does for us.”

Douglas County septic and Kellogg Contracting

Optimize IT for Ongoing Success

Find peace of mind by knowing your systems and networks are in professional hands!

Resilient’s Approach to Managed IT Services

  • Implement preventative measures such as proactive monitoring and maintenance to help businesses identify and handle potential IT challenges before they disrupt normal business operations.
  • Offering customers 24/7/365 remote or on-site support to limit downtime and maintain optimal functionality of the IT systems and infrastructure
  • Fostering company-client collaboration, encouraging transparency, maintaining continuous communication, and ensuring clients have total control of their IT environments
  • Utilizing advanced technologies and implementing best industry practices to uphold data security and ensure the efficiency of IT processes
  • Provide entrepreneurs with IT experts and specialists that boast their company’s best-suited skill sets.
  • Support an organization’s digital transformation with the required managed IT services.
  • Help businesses gain a competitive edge and adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape.
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Resilient: Your Resilient and Reliable Managed IT Services Lakewood Provider

We are a reliable company offering managed IT services in Lakewood, CO, with customizable plans to accommodate businesses across various industries. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer innovative and transformative digital solutions that ensure the smooth running of your IT department.
Whether looking for experts to handle one part of your tech processes or a team that assumes all IT responsibilities, we are your company’s best fit. With professionals well-versed in emerging and cutting-edge technologies, you can rest assured of a productive and scalable IT business environment.
Contact us for more information.