Hi, my name is Diane Komer. I’m a legal administrator and a paralegal at the law firm of Kurtz and Peckham. We have been working together with Mike Sims, owner of RMCS (Resilient Managed Computer Services of Denver) they take care of all of our Denver IT Business Support since 1986, many years. We would encourage anybody considering working with RMCS (Resilient Managed Computer Services of Denver) to move forward with them. They have been so dependable and reliable for many years, and they are our go to company for any computer issues that we may have. Whether it be software, hardware or anything like that. And they are very prompt and, very effective and efficient with the work that they do for us.

Diane Komer
Law firm of Kurtz and Peckham

My name is Thompson and I own Carter Workers’ Compensation. I’m on an insurance agency here in Denver, Colorado. We do business all over the state. Prior to hiring Mike and his company Resilient Managed Computer Services of Denver, I had a Business IT support person and it was a train wreck. We had one problem after another. We thought we were fixing something and in reality, we were just making problems worse. It became horribly expensive to maintain our business IT support Denver. The paperwork that we had just to try and keep our office functioning properly. Ultimately we came to the end where we had a parting of the ways. It was not pretty because he had control over a lot of my, business IT support Denver and it was difficult to get control back. That was sort of a hidden problem. Mike Sims with Resilient Managed Computer Services (RMCS) of Denver was on our books as as a commercial client and you know, we started thinking, well, we’re just going to call somebody out of the blue and we’re going to call somebody who’s an existing client.

And that’s how we, that’s how we connected with Resilient Managed Computer Services (RMCS) of Denver about eight years ago. Mike as always responded a hundred percent. Any problem that we’ve had. He’s been there. It’s always followed up and he’s always given us the right answers, technical answers. But in general, the right answers about how to run our business IT support Denver. It’s a godsend because it’s an area of the business IT support Denver that, you know, what are you going to start all over again and try to become that it person yourself. You can’t do it. Most reliable person as a business associate that I have really in the last couple of years, because when something goes wrong, it’s really wrong. Everything just comes to a dead stop. And in my business, that’s a disaster. So he’ll work late hours. He comes in early in the morning if there’s a problem. He’s always been proactive. I’ve really, I recommend him to almost anybody in any, any level of business and he really knows his stuff.

Thom Soehngen
Co Workers Comp

Hi, my name is Sherry and I am with Douglas County septic and Kellogg contracting in Denver. And we, had Mike at Resilient Managed Computer Services (RMCS) of Denver start helping us with our technology and business IT support probably about three years ago. And before he came, we didn’t have, um, a very good technology program. We just tried to do stuff in house and, the company began to grow and so we needed to grow our technology with Business IT Support Denver from Resilient Managed Computer Services (RMCS) of Denver. And Mike stepped in and he helped us with that. He got us set up with the server and that’s really helped us. Our office has grown in our office staff. We’ve got three office helpers at this point that use the programs. And Mike is great to answer phone calls, do any kind of troubleshooting. He never, never makes us feel silly if we, if we have crazy questions. Um, and he’s really helped out our, our program a lot and we appreciate everything that Mike Sims with Resilient Managed Computer Services (RMCS) of Denver does for us with their Business IT Support Denver.

Douglas County septic and Kellogg Contracting

My name is Steve Williams. I’m the owner and CEO of a regional grocery store chain. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike Sims at Resilient Managed Computer Services (RMCS) of Denver company for, Oh my gosh, maybe 15 years now. And it’s been an absolute delight. Mike Sims and Resilient Managed Computer Services company has been a very reliable and very affordable. Um, industry is typically employees with lower skills andin the Business IT Support Denver area. And Mike has been masterful in coaching these people in housing, how to use our corporate server or remote access and all of that kind of thing. It’s been a very positive experience and I look forward to continuing to use Resilient Managed Computer Services (RMCS) of Denver for all of out Business IT Support Denver needs.

Steve Williams
Buthead Realty