Whether you’re an Apple purist or a fan of the good old PC, personal laptops have come a long way headed into 2018. Many of the top models for the year feature 2-in-1 functions that essentially combine the best features of tablets and laptops alike. Plus, screen displays and processors continue to get better with innovation and designers have become more hyper-aware of ergonomic solutions for how we interact with our devices on a natural and trained level. Without further ado, here are our top five picks for your next laptop investment in 2018, across the five best-selling brands.

Apple: Apple MacBook Pro 13”

Yes, we’re talking about the touchbar-enabled latest model of the Apple MacBook Pro. A common favorite among Apple users, the MacBook Pro’s processing speeds, storage, and functionality serves as a productivity-driving triple-threat when it comes to personal computers. We chose the 13” over the 15” option simply due to price (the extra 2 inches of screen display space jacks the price up almost $600), but if your display size is a top priority, saving up and holding out for the larger model may be best for you.

Lenovo: Lenovo Yoga 920

This computer doubles as a pen-enabled tablet, and its functions are as impressive and high-speed as ever. Retailing on Amazon for a price competitive with the Apple MacBook Pro (approximately $1,300), the Yoga 920 is a great option for PC users to upgrade and utilize the 2-in-1 features while accessing a designer’s dream in the pen function. Who says Apple corners the market for creatives? Lenovo’s latest model could give it a run for its money.

HP: HP Spectre x360

This is a fantastic all-around option in terms of processing speed, size, portability, and function. Again, it sits around the $1,300 price point, and is a bit smaller than its 15.6” counterpart. Performance is impressive, and is often touted for its battery life and user-friendly design. For a tiny version of most PC’s it can do everything the big boys can do, and more. It’s designed to weigh less than three pounds, making it a perfect option for anyone who takes their work on the go. It’s 4K display and intuitive keyboard make it attractive to the average user’s eyes and ears alike.

Samsung: the Chromebook Pro

Critics call this laptop an antidote for the average Chromebook critic. Of course, it’s nowhere near its competition listed above, but sits head and shoulders above other products at its price point. The Chromebook Pro is a $500 investment, and for half the price, it can generally keep up with the needs and wants of the average user who doesn’t care to spend over a thousand dollars on Apple, Lenovo, or HP models. Samsung has created a perfect starter laptop for any new user and a great affordable option for families looking to be productive and seek entertainment with a portable personal product. Plus, it’s compatible with Google products and software, contributing to a potential smart home of your dreams.

Dell: XPS 13

Ah, Dell. With its updated Intel processors and long battery life, the 13.3” clamshell model brings the heat for potential productivity in 2018. As usual, this option is all-business, as Dell has stayed true to its loyal base of business and engineering-oriented users. It retails for just under $1,200, making it an investment that’ sure to last for years to come.

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