A lot of people don’t realize how reliant they’ve become on their laptop computer or desktop computer until it stops working. If you telecommute to work, you understand that a computer glitch can cause an avalanche of problems.

(Just last week, we got a call from a woman who was working from her home on an office laptop, and without warning, the laptop refused to connect to the internet. It wouldn’t talk to Wi-Fi, it wouldn’t connect with an Ethernet cable, and since she had a major deadline, what should have been a minor problem felt a million times bigger.)

Below are just a few of the most common PC problems that people experience in Denver.

Blue Screen

If you’re someone who enjoys lighter, cool tones and you have an affinity for all things blue and green, you should know that if your computer screen suddenly turns blue (and the blue screen is accompanied by white text), this is a huge problem. This phenomenon, which is sometimes referred to as the Blue Screen of Death, could mean you have a major, major problem. Or it could mean you simply need to reboot your system. Ultimately, the problem could be minor or it could be really, really big. If you experience a blue screen of death call Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists right away.

You’re having problems installing apps

This is the most common complaint we get from our clients yet in many cases, there is a perfectly logical reason as to why the apps won’t install. This is typically linked to the size of the computer’s hard drive. You can think of a hard drive in a similar way as you think of an empty glass- it can only hold so much. If your hard drive doesn’t have enough space on it, you won’t be able to install new software.   The easiest way to free up hard drive space is to delete files and photos that you don’t need. If you still want to hold onto these files but you need the space, you can consider uploading them to a cloud drive.

Apps are running slowly

If your apps are running slowly (or your computer is running slow in general), this can be extremely frustrating. In this case, you’ll want to speak with an IT professional to find out if your system has enough RAM. RAM allows your computer to multitask—and the more RAM you have, the better your computer will be at doing several things at once (ie: if you’re running Outlook, Skype, you’re connected to the Internet using VPN software and you’re browsing a few websites, you’ll need sufficient RAM.)

Slow running apps could also be due to your needing an operating system update, or in some cases, it could be due to you not having enough space on your hard drive.

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