In the world of online gaming, the possibilities are endless when it comes to design, graphics quality, structure, and most importantly for the industry, cash. Online gaming and competitions have had a decade-long moment, and solidified itself as not only a viable way to make a living for the world’s top gamers, but also an avenue for advertisers, influencers, and venture capitalists to cash in as well.

What started with YouTube’s PewdiePie, a Swedish-based star who’s comedy and video editing skills won him the most followers on the global site, grew an industry where commenting on group video games was just as viable a job as actually playing them. Universities across the country offer coding and online gaming certificates and degree programs, recognizing how important this industry is becoming. In fact, E-Sports are even being talked about and considered by a number of Divison I schools. Though the groundwork has not been perfectly laid to roll out the welcome mat for e-sports ‘athletes’ across the country (plus deeming them athletes worthy of scholarship funds is still under a healthy amount of debate), the conversation is indeed happening and moving forward over time.

But what makes gaming and e-sports so attractive to fans and players alike? Researchers in a 2011 study from the University of Essex (United Kingdom) found that it’s a desire for role-playing events where players are able to take on personas they usually don’t get to live out in their normal, everyday lives. The brain’s imagination and creativity thrives in these situations, and fans often follow and fall for characters played out on screen, as if it’s a reality television show or a sitcom they’re invested in watching whenever it’s on. In South Korea, an arguable gaming capital of the world, high-profile gamers are revered like TV stars and musicians throughout the country’s communities.

Gaming also poses a very good entry point for computer technology companies and software developers to make money innovating on behalf of gamers and the needs of e-sports. From the introduction of air-conditioned gaming controllers to the rapid improvement of graphic interfaces over the last 15 years, a high demand for very high-level skills makes the job market a safe one for those who qualify, at least for the time being.

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