At Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists, we understand that with each new year, life seems to get just a little bit busier. That said, there are still ways to harness your technological resources and get things done on time and well throughout the next year. Our team put together a few well-worn, tried-and-true tactics to perfectly optimize your workflow at home and at the office and make 2018 a great year for productivity.

Now, we’re not saying you’ll be able to cut task time in half or anything out of the ordinary, but the hours of wasted time often spent using workflow tools and missing out on web-based collaboration services that truly serve the innovative mind are things to be left behind in 2017 once the new year turns. You can meet your deadlines, lead a large project, and become a more productive person with the right tools and a little help from our experts at Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists. Plus, we’re always there for consultation and repair services when it comes to your IT, sharing, or hardware needs.

Working at a computer all day makes access to information convenient, but can also be a double-edged sword. With the Internet at our fingertips, it is easy to be overwhelmed with that information, tools to process it, and the potential distraction of sites best left at home (we’re looking at you, Facebook).

First, work on recognizing patterns in your decision making on a day-to-day basis. When picking out software, websites, or web services to help you through your work day, you’ll want to choose ones that think and work the way you do. If this means investing in a better workflow management tool or simply switching up how you organize your time and schedule, the discomfort that comes from change will surely wear off as soon as you notice the increase in productivity that’s bound to come from it. If you’re looking into new software for workflow management, be sure to choose a product that is able to grow and update without a full overhaul or repurchase each year. It’s simply not worth spending time and money on a product that will be dated come 2019, especially since the online world is constantly growing and changing to meet our ever-evolving demands of technology. Consider features you cannot live without, whether the new product lives up to (or surpasses) the industry or business standard for programs and hardware, whether it will be compatible with existing hardware in your home or office, and if the price is right. These are all factors that will lead you to the perfect workflow management solution in 2018.

Next, focus on a few key steps in your communication, whether with clients or team members, this year. Set ground rules and goals for yourself in this realm, from guaranteeing or improving response time to instilling positive feedback in the office. Maybe it’s personalization, and maybe it’s wasting less time on the details, but either way, honing in your communication skills and workplace voice will streamline and effectively rebrand your professional personal in 2018.

Last, we all have those everyday tasks that we love to hate. Whether we have them down or are just getting used to a new workflow, there are often unnecessary steps we take in getting to the final product, just because we overlooked or never realized a feature available on a website or in a software product. Think about how much time you’d waste if you never cared to learn about keyboard shortcuts or something as simple as the copy and paste function. It’s taking out steps that will improve your productivity this year, leaving space for more creativity and innovation.