While applying for a job, numerous factors come to mind. Such factors include the job security that the position provides and the possibilities of advancing in a career that helps you improve your lifestyle. There are several career prospects in fields like medicine, law, and finance. This article, however, will focus on the technology sector, especially the career prospects open to you as an IT support professional. 

A career prospect means the possibility of an individual applying for a particular job position. Prospects help you have a better outlook on the career you want to pursue and see the potential of things down the line. 

What Is IT Support? 

IT support refers to providing technical assistance to a business regarding their network infrastructure, and helping them troubleshoot hardware and software problems. The primary purpose of the role is to assist the company in managing its technical environment for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. Besides providing extensive assistance, IT support covers software and hardware installation, device setup, onboarding users to the network, and proactively resolving issues that can lead to disruption or bumps in the business’s operations. 

What Is the Job Description for an IT Support Role? 

Using an experienced IT support Denver company saves any business from technical headaches. From implementing several protocols that protect your network data to monitoring your systems and ensuring everything is working fine, IT support specialists facilitate workflows to increase productivity. 

The job description of an IT support officer includes: 

  • Supporting clients to resolve their technical issues with hardware and software; 
  • Keeping logs of user issues with detailed reports of how the officer solved these issues; 
  • Accurately updating the knowledge base with troubleshooting processes and resolutions performed; 
  • Forwarding issue tickets to respective stakeholders, and ensuring they are resolved; 
  • Managing the IT helpdesk mail inbox; 
  • Supporting video conference meetings; 
  • Adding and setting up new users to the network infrastructure. 

Based on the business’s size, IT support specialists cover several areas of expertise, including various technical support levels. A primary part of the role involves applying technical knowledge related to information systems, computer hardware, and software. 

Your Career Prospects as an IT Support Professional 

If you want to pursue a career in technology, IT support includes different entry-level jobs that can serve as a jump pad in your career and give you a better understanding of prospects. These are your career prospects if you want to choose a role in IT support. 

Desktop Support Analyst 

Desktop support analysts are the go-to problem-solvers for unique software and operating systems issues. Effective communication is a crucial skill in this role. Most of the tasks involve understanding the user’s problem and guiding them through troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue. Problem-solving skills also help you tackle these issues, as some may not be in the knowledge base. Also, having good conversation prowess enables you to calm a frustrated user and resolve the problem faster. 

Other skills needed for this role include: 

  • Paying critical attention to detail 
  • Troubleshooting information systems 
  • Researching issues 

Help Desk Technician 

This position involves working closely with the end-user to solve their software and hardware issues. It mainly entails diagnosing problems that users face when interacting with their business computers, including network errors, not receiving responses via their official mail,s and server downtimes during which they still have to deal with work. 

A help desk technician walks users through resolving their complaints, after understanding the issue, and explains the problem in a way that users with non-technical backgrounds appreciate. 

The skills you require to succeed in a help desk technician role include:

  • Good communication 
  • An approachable demeanor that shows users you are available to help 
  • Background technical knowledge 

Field Service Technician 

Field service technicians specialize heavily in installing and repairing technical hardware equipment. These professionals typically move to onsite areas of business facilities or homes to fix or upgrade components like the WiFi network hardware or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

This role significantly majorly involves on-demand services, as you would need to attend to clients’ issues promptly as the need arises. While the working hours are not set in stone, the work schedule is flexible, and you can enjoy doing the job part-time. Remarkable performance can motivate clients to retain you and refer your services to more customers. 

Skills for this role include: 

  • Solid hardware knowledge for installing and repairing systems 
  • Negotiation for settling work rates 
  • Ability to develop positive customer relationships 

Technical Support Engineer 

A technical support engineer is typically an in-house role for businesses that run enterprise-scale IT infrastructure. This position involves supervising the IT infrastructure maintenance, including installing software and hardware, monitoring the network servers, writing scripts to automate device management, and staying up to date with the status of the business’s digital assets. 

Essential skills for this role include: 

  • Expert knowledge in operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux 
  • Background oin hardware and software installation 
  • Collaboration with heads of other departments to improve technical processes 

The IT Support Company You Can Rely On 

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