If you’re considering a VPN (virtual private network) but you’re not sure of the pros and cons, you’ve come to the right blog.

Regardless as to whether you’re thinking about installing one at your home or your office, the benefits are numerous.

VPN defined

The most important thing you need to know about a VPN is that a virtual private network secures your internet connection in such a way that it guarantees that any data you may send or received is encrypted. Ultimately, this keeps your information safe from would-be prying eyes.

Below are a few reasons we think VPNs are great.

They can be installed on multiple devices

Depending on the VPN you choose, you can install it on either your router (which means all devices that gain internet access via the router will be protected) or you can install them on a certain number of devices.

Some VPN providers allow you to install the software on 6 devices, while others will allow you to install the software on up to 10 devices. Ultimately, this means your smartphone, computer, tablet and/or Apple TV / Amazon Fire TV / Roku can all be protected.

They increase safety

If you’ve watched any television in the past two years you’ve likely heard stories about protecting yourself when you access the internet at public places. This includes hotels, conference centers, the local coffee shop and of course, the airport.

When you connect to public Wi-Fi with a smartphone, laptop or tablet, and you turn on your VPN, your data will be protected, ie: hackers won’t be able to capture your usernames and passwords for various accounts.

They help anonymize your location

Let’s say you’re a US resident who will be traveling abroad for a couple of months. Maybe you have subscriptions to things like Netflix or Sling TV and you’re wondering if you’ll be able to access the content on those apps while you’re out of the country.

If you connect to Netflix in Mexico, you’ll only have access to approved content for that country (not to mention that a great deal of the content will be in Spanish.) Sling TV won’t allow you to connect to their service if you’re using an out-of-country ISP.

With a VPN, your computer or tablet will have the ability to connect to a US-based server, which can help you work around those issues.  

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