If you’re in the market for a new computer, you might be weighing the pros and cons between purchasing a Mac versus a PC. Although there are several key differences between one over the other, the most important thing you’ll need to ask yourself relates to what you’ll be using the computer for.

Are you a hardcore gamer?

If video games are your life, you may be interested to learn that a Windows-based computer will be better for gaming.  This mostly relates to the fact that they are highly customizable.

With a Windows PC, you can have a system that’s built entirely from the ground up. You can choose your memory, the processor speed and the graphics resolution. You don’t have the same type of options when you purchase a Mac. With a Mac, what you see (and what you buy) is what you’ll get.

They’re very difficult to upgrade, unless you’re willing to shell out some serious big bucks, and even then, gamers won’t get the same type of functionality they’d get with a Windows PC.

Customer support is better with a Mac

When you buy a Mac, you’ll be dealing with Apple – which means if you run into problems you’ll be able to make an appointment at any Apple Store to consult with a specialist. In most cases, if your problem can be fixed in one session, you won’t be charged for the repair.

And while yes, Microsoft does have a few brick and mortars (which provide excellent customer service), Microsoft doesn’t make all Windows-based PCs. If you buy a PC from Dell, HP or another manufacturer, chances are you’ll need to ship it back to the manufacturer to have the repair done.

This means you could be stuck for several weeks without a computer.

Macs are more resistant to malware and viruses

When you consider the number of computers that are out there, Windows PCs make up most of the marketplace, which, not surprisingly, means that would-be attackers spend most of their efforts coming up with viruses and malware that will target PC users.

Although Mac computers aren’t 100% virus resistant, the chances of becoming infected are far less.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you need the computer for

Before you run out and spend some serious cash on a new system, ask yourself what you plan to use it for. Several weeks ago we had a customer who was dead set on buying a MacBook, but he only wanted to buy it because he thought “it was the best computer.”

He’d always had PCs, and he only really needed it for email and social media, and ultimately, he agreed the extra expense wasn’t necessary based on what he planned to use the computer for.

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