Consumers awaited the latest details and design release for the Iphone X (ten) at the start of September, and the details invited mixed reviews of Apple’s newest iteration of its flagship product. Of course, as is the norm in the tech industry, Apple’s older iPhone models are planned for obsolescence once their operating systems update to versions that run slowly or cannot run at all on older models. For example, the iPhone 4s cannot effectively run iOS 10, and users still clinging to that model will need to upgrade.

So a big positive for the newest addition to the Apple family is its ability to take on iOS 11 with processors to match. Plus, the iPhone X’s camera features continue the trend of improving the smartphone camera to compete with DSLR’s on the market. Siri is also considerably better on the new operating system, with developers now having access to add on to her ever-growing capabilities. Plus, compared to older iPhone models, the X would run iOS systems that more easily manage your apps, and how they run. For example, you’ve been able to delete built-in Apple applications since iOS 10, but now more detailed settings allow you to customize when apps run, access your data and location, and more. And common popular systems on the iPhone X are getting an upgrade, such as Apple Music, home kit capabilities, the ability to live stream your screen to the web and Apple Maps.

A few obvious downsides to the newest iPhone is the price. At $999, it’s officially in the realm of laptops, iPads and other devices that are built to last longer than the standard lifespan of an iPhone product. Does this mean the iPhone is destined to become a true substitute for your MacBook or laptop at home? Possibly. But, Apple has the potential to flatline its iPhone sales if that price point is too high for most consumers. Lucky for the iPhone, it’s loyalty data is through the roof when compared with close competitors, the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel, to name a few.

Another downside to the iPhone X for more savvy users is that there is no jailbreak feature, and for users as a whole, iOS 10 does have WiFi connectivity issues. The new iPhone also lacks a clear effort to solve problems of terrible battery life that run rampant in current iPhone models.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours: will you be investing in the new iPhone X?