It’s a booming business for the most powerful players in modern technology—augmented reality, or ‘AR’ is already becoming a common part of our everyday lives, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Remember last summer’s ‘Pokemon Go’ craze? Love to sit back and entertain yourself with a few fun Snapchat filters on the bus ride home? You’re already participating in the growing consumer base for AR producers and developers.

Most recently, augmented reality products are being developed for gaming and use in the online shopping industry. For example, apps now exist where anyone shopping for furniture can point their device at an empty space in their home and see a three-dimensional image of a product placed in that space in their home. They can move it around to see if it fits in with their existing space and understand it’s size in real life. Then they can purchase the product.

Plus, AR visors now exist where a user can do anything they already do on a computer screen with their own two hands, in thin air.

Cool right? Not for all.

Those cashing in on augmented reality technology are the ones with the most cash to begin with. It’s a technology that requires large amounts of research and development funds, as well as room for failure. Major players in the growing industry include the usual Silicon Valley suspects: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, et cetera.

As AR becomes more readily available to middle class consumers, we’ll have to keep an eye on how it integrates and changes our everyday lives, abilities, and routines.

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