Have you ever had a problem with your computer, and you couldn’t figure out what the issue was? In the middle of this problem, did you call your friend Jim (who is an absolute whiz with computers) so he could walk you toward a solution?

Jim, essentially, provided you with IT support.

What is IT support?

I.T support is also known as tech support, and its assistance that’s provided from an experienced technician to an end user, that helps them deal with problems that arise with their electronic devices.  The IT support provider can assist people over the phone, via email, through an online chat interface.

Who needs I.T support?

Every small and mid-sized business will want to have an IT support company that can help them out. Not only will this help ensure your employees (and your client’s files, and sensitive information) are kept secure while you’re online, it will help prevent hackers from accessing that information when you’re not.

A data breach of any size can do significant damage to both your business and reputation (remember when Sony Entertainment and Target were hacked?)  A reputable IT support provider can provide you with a security audit, which will help you understand the state of your current cybersecurity protocols, and they can also help you understand whether your current hardware is secure.

I.T support improves productivity

If your employees are having problems with their computers, your software, or if your server has gone down, any of these situations can throw a wrench in productivity. When you hire an I.T support company, you’ll have ready access to professionals who know both how to troubleshoot and fix problems. This can help ensure your systems can get back online as quickly as possible.

I.T support technicians are versed in the latest technology

Jim the office computer whiz probably isn’t versed in the latest technological advancements, but when you contract your services to a reputable IT company, their staff can help you understand the latest technologies. Not only can new technology help improve your business, it can help your systems stay secure. Most business owners find that not having an IT support company on retainer is far, far more expensive than having one on call, especially if they’re hacked!

How to get the support you need

If you’re in the market for a new IT support company, or you’re wanting to hire one for the first time, the experts at Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists can help.

Our company has decades of experience in providing professional IT service for small and mid-sized businesses in Denver and its surrounding areas. Not only are we detail-oriented, we’re reliable, and we know how to get the job done quickly.

If your company handles sensitive data and you’re wondering if your systems are secure, we’re happy to provide you with a free network audit. If you need help upgrading your server, or your software, we can help with that too. For more information on our full range of I.T support services call RMCS today at 303-371-7214 to get started.