Managed services providers (MSPs) give businesses of all sizes and types robust solutions that help them optimize their technology. Businesses use an MSP to solve their most pressing technological needs, gain insights into using new technologies and plan technology budgets.

An MSP is a third-party business that works to manage your company’s technologies. These services provide expert support for every technology component – wireless networks, systems, hardware and software, routers, cabling and server rooms. In addition, these companies help provide security services, compliance protocols and advisory services.

MSP services help your business beyond the IT department. When your company chooses to invest in managed it services in denver, you will see benefits across the organization, including:

  • Lower technology costs through improved economies of scale
  • Scalability to expand or contract services based on growth or seasonal variances
  • Better customer experiences through reliable, innovative services
  • Understanding of emerging technologies that benefit all business areas, including finance, HR, production, sales and marketing
  • Improved staff morale and retention with state-of-the-art services and capabilities

How MSP Finances Work

Most MSPs operate as subscription services providers. They bundle services together and deliver them for a flat monthly rate that covers services. At Resilient Managed Computer Services, our one-price, fix-all agreements ensure there are no hidden or gotcha fees.

MSP contracts also include regular check-ins on progress and insights about emerging technologies and applications.

Additional services may include consulting, project management and virtual chief information officer services.

Essential Components of MSP Services

While there are differences between MSP providers, the following are some of the most commonly offered services.

Comprehensive Assessment

Many MSP engagements begin with a thorough evaluation of your technology. MSP staff will learn about your business, your most pressing technological challenges, needs, and priorities. 

The assessment will include evaluating the existing tools in use, your company’s plans to implement new technologies and your IT staffing. Following that assessment, the MSP prepares recommendations for services.

On-Demand Staff

Your MSP complements your existing IT staff, providing on-demand services, many of which are provided remotely. MSPs offer expertise with multiple IT products and services and have worked with companies of all sizes to implement solutions.

Instead of hiring IT specialists, your company can hire an MSP to address multiple IT needs.

Hardware and Software Management

MSPs have relationships with vendors and the buying power of working with multiple clients to get you the best deals. MSP providers can arrange to purchase and install needed hardware and software and ensure that equipment is installed, optimized, and configured correctly.

Your MSP will manage the hardware and software once installed, ensuring that updates deploy and any license or warranty issues resolve quickly.

Help-Desk Services

Users inevitably run into problems. Having dedicated help-desk support ensures that your staff can solve technical issues quickly. MSPs can resolve most software and hardware issues remotely. MSPs provide ticket systems that track, prioritize and maintain requests in an orderly structure.

Security Services

The ever-present threat of cyberattacks looms over businesses and agencies of all types. Organizations must keep their systems secure from an ever-shifting set of cyber threats. 

Security begins at the system level, with MSPs providing perimeter defense of networks. These services will identify, isolate and destroy attacks before damage occurs to critical data.

Security services extend to hardware and software with anti-malware, anti-phishing and anti-SPAM tools. The MSP can configure these tools to update automatically, ensuring that apps and hardware remain protected against emerging threats.

Cloud Services

Companies increasingly work in the cloud, with data, applications and operating systems that sit in the cloud. Cloud solutions provide a way to connect users to information and tools no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Your MSP can recommend cloud solutions that allow for secure storage and are scalable, allowing for additional information storage as your business expands.

Backup Services and Disaster Recovery

The cloud serves another core purpose, allowing for the backup of data and applications in multiple remote locations. These services are an essential component of disaster recovery planning, which ensures that your business can recover quickly in a cyberattack or natural disaster. 

Your MSP will help you develop a disaster recovery plan, determining the backup frequencies of your data and the processes to restore functionality.

Emergency Services

When your business needs emergency services, your MSP should be the answer. While MSPs can deliver most services remotely, occasionally, an issue requires onsite services. 

Your MSP has the expertise to handle issues that can derail business operations, including internet outages or disruptions, servers that are not running, malware or virus cleanup, email disruptions or integration issues among systems.

IT Consulting

Technology changes rapidly. You need an IT partner to help you identify opportunities and plan for strategic IT investments.

IT planning and strategy services ensure that budgets and plans align with current priorities and future directions. 

Project Management

Many IT projects suffer from a lack of resources and bandwidth. IT consultants at your MSP can plan your technology projects, create budgets and manage the technology and resources needed for project success.

Finding the Right MSP Partner

Resilient Managed Computer Services provides support throughout Denver and Boulder, offering managed services, consulting services and IT support. Learn more about how Resilient can help your business succeed by scheduling a free initial consultation.