If your computer isn’t working as well as it was a few weeks ago, you may be surprised to learn that there is a simple thing you can do that may help improve your PC’s functionality.

That function is known as a system restore.

So what is this, exactly?

When you perform a system restore, you’ll ultimately be reversing certain types of changes that were made to your Windows OS.  Sometimes, PC users inadvertently make changes to system files, registry keys, installed programs, drivers (you get the gist) and those changes cause your computer to work less than optimally.

A system restores essentially undoes that change, and it restores your computer to the setting it had at a prior date.


Let’s say you buy a new printer and you need to install some drivers for it to work, but something went amiss during the install. Now, your computer is giving you all sorts of grief and no matter how hard you try, you still can’t get the printer to work.

In this case, if you perform a system restore (to a point that your PC recorded, let’s say, a week ago), you can undo what just happened.

However, you’ll want to remember that this function isn’t a magic pill and it won’t fix all of your problems. You should also know that any programs you installed between the last restore point and today will be uninstalled, so you shouldn’t be alarmed if something that you recently installed goes missing.

Reasons to have a professional help you install software

A lot of novice PC users know that they need to install software from time to time, but they have no idea how to do it correctly. At Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists, we have a team of seasoned IT veterans who know how to handle this type of job correctly. When you bring us your computer you can rest assured that all of your software will be installed correctly and efficiently—and you won’t need to worry that you may miss something on your system up, if you try to do this yourself.

Our company performs a truly unique service in that we’re among the only companies in Northern Colorado that can bring the reliability and service of commercial IT professionals directly to your home.  You read that correctly- if you’d like us to arrive on your doorstep, that can be arranged.

Or, if you’d prefer to bring your computer into our storefront, we’ll be happy to handle whatever needs to be handled at our location.

We specialize in internet troubleshooting, desktop computer repair, laptop repair, printer installations and setups, hardware and/or software upgrades and more. If you think you need a system restore but you’re not entirely comfortable attempting it yourself, it’s OK. We’re happy to help.

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