Computers are great—when they work.  If your system isn’t working as fast as it used to, or you feel like your computer is on the edge of having a major problem, we can help.  The experts at Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists have been helping Denver, CO customers with all of their PC repair and IT needs for more than 30 years.

For this blog, we thought we’d focus on the top five reasons that computers start to run slow.

You’re running too many background programs

If you have 19 browser tabs open and you’re running every single program that’s loaded on your hard drive, that’s bound to slow things down. Have you ever tried to make dinner, help the kids with homework, do three loads of laundry and finish an important work project all at the same time? Trying to do six things at once will slow anyone down—and the same goes for your computer.  Close some browser tabs and shut down some of the programs you aren’t using.

It needs a reboot

If your computer has been running for a long, long time without being rebooted, this could slow things down. When you reboot your system, you’ll clear the cache and the RAM, both of which can help enhance speed. If you’ve installed, uninstalled or updated some of your software, a reboot may also help things work better.

Your hard drive is fragmented (or corrupted)

If you have a habit of force-shutting down your computer by laying your finger on the power button, you’re shutting it down improperly. When systems aren’t turned off properly, that could cause problems with your hard drive.  If you think your hard drive needs to be repaired, you’ll want to have a trained IT specialist at Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists take a look at it. We can help you diagnose which problem (or problems) your computer is dealing with and we can help get you back up and running.

You’re holding onto a dinosaur

Not that long ago, a man came into our office to say he was having problems with his computer.  The problem? The computer was purchased in 2006 and it was running on Windows Vista.  A quality computer will last you for several years, but they’re not built to last forever. As computers age, they slow down, software becomes out of date and there is an increased chance that the computer, or the processor, will start to overheat, all of which can be problematic.  Most computer experts in Denver, CO recommend purchasing a new computer every five years.

Denver computer repair company

If you need to repair your current computer or you’re thinking about upgrading to a custom, built-from-the-ground-up system, we can help. At Rocky Mountain Computer Specialists, we have years of experience in helping Denver, CO residents with all of their PC and IT needs. For more information call our office today at 303-371-7214. We accept many forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and debit cards.

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